Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I decide what location to mount the Autowbrake? 

A: It is recommended to mount the Autowbrake close to the trailer's junction box. Most people mount the Autowbrake on the trailer frame.

Q: Does it matter what direction my Autowbrake is facing ?

A: No, Autowbrake offers the freedom to be mounted at any angle and any direction..period 

Q: What happens if I tow with a vehicle that has a brake controller in it already? Do I need to disconnect Autowbrake when towing with a vehicle that has a brake control installed already?

A: Autowbrake will detect the signal from another brake control as soon as you plug the trailer into the vehicle to tow, and shut itself off, thus allowing the other brake control to function. There is no need to disconnect Autowbrake. 

Q: When do I have to calibrate Autowbrake? 

A: Calibration is only required once. When you initially install the Autowbrake, or move it to a new mounting location/new trailer, calibration is required in order for it to understand its new orientation. Once calibrated there is no need for this step to be performed again.

Q: Does Autowbrake work while I am driving in reverse ?

A: Yes. 

Q: Does Autowbrake hold me if I am stopped on a hill? 

A: Yes. Autowbrake will apply brakes as long as you are applying tow vehicle brakes

Q: Will Autowbrake apply trailer brakes if I am downshifting and not applying vehicle braking?

A: No, Autowbrake only applies trailer brakes if you are also applying vehicle brakes. (Unless using remote key fob to reduce sway/ see manual)

Q: How do I determine what setting to choose when I tow?

A: There are 3 basic settings based on trailer weight (see manual)

Q: Can I increase the power on each setting while driving? 

A: Yes. The hand held key fob allows you to increase and decrease braking power within the selected setting. This can be done while driving to adjust braking based on your preference ( see manual)

Q: Can I change from one setting to another while driving? 

A: No. Changing settings requires the trailer and vehicle to be stationary and done manually with the stainless steel buttons on Autowbrake (see manual)

Q: Will Autowbrake work if I lose the remote key fob?

A: Yes, Autowbrake will always work and stay on the last setting you towed with. You will not be able to increase or decrease braking power within the setting without the key fob remote.

Q: Can I buy a replacement key fob remote?

A: Yes. Once you receive it you will hold the key fob buttons down to communicate and link with your Autowbrake ( See manual)

Q: What does the center button on the key fob remote do? 

A: The center button is to test (apply braking of trailer brakes. Brakes power increases the longer you hold the button.) and also utilize if you are experiencing trailer sway (see manual)

Q: Do I need to synchronize or pair anything before towing ?

A: No. Once Autowbrake is mounted and installed on trailer, all you do is plug and tow. 

Q: What wires are needed to connect Autowbrake when I install ? 

A: There are 5 wires on the Autowbrake. Brake, Ground, Power, right and left tail lights. Match to trailer wires. 

Q: Do I need anything in my tow vehicle before Autowbrake will work? 

A: No. As long as you have plug connections for the above 5 wires in your tow receiver you are fine( use 5,6 and 7 way plugs) Autowbrake will not invade vehicle wiring, electronics, warranty or violate or intrude the cabin of the tow vehicle with unsightly plugs, wires, or other cumbersome units to install

Q: Do I always have to select what setting Autowbrake is on before I tow?

A: No. Autowbrake's "Smart Start" will always remain on the last setting you towed at, even if stored for the Winter months. The only time you would need to change settings is if you are hauling cargo and going from empty to fully loaded trailer, or vice versa ( eg: car hauler, cargo, flatbed trailer etc)

Q: What kind of trailer will Autowbrake work on?

A: Any 1,2,3 axle trailer with electric brakes. (see manual for weight selections)

Q: Will Autowbrake work on electric over hydraulic trailers?

A: In theory, yes, however it has not been thoroughly tested on all electric over hydraulic trailers for us to make that claim yet.

Q: How do I know my Autowbrake is working? 

A: There are 2 ways to check function. First is when you plug trailer into tow vehicle you can depress stainless button to see indicator LED light, which will blink and indicate setting. 2nd is while towing depress the middle button on remote key fob without depressing vehicle brakes. You will feel trailer brakes apply.

Q: When do I need to disconnect my Autowbrake/ or prepare for storage?

A: There is no need to ever disconnect or remove your Autowbrake from your trailer. Autowbrake's "Smart Start" will always remember the last setting you towed with, and will "boot up" to that same setting once you plug into your tow vehicle.